Thursday, 3 October 2013

How We Can Hide Events From Time

How We Can Hide Events From Time

There are many physicists who truly believe that time does not exist, but it is merely the numerical order of change instead an integral part of the space/time continuum (the 3 dimensions of length, width, and height, with time being a separate entity). 

Essentially, the idea is that numerical order is not equivalent to temporal order, i.e., the number 1 does not exist before the number 2 in time, only numerically. This would have some interesting implications for us, of course, one of the primary implications would be on the very notion of time itself. But regardless of how time exists, it goes without saying that time has an absolute correlation between our perspective of the "then," "now," and "later" - and with the overall natural order of things. In this sense, it does not matter what time is, as we perceive it the same either way. 

Ultimately, this 'absolute' perception of time makes it incomprehensibly amazing to learn about a time cloak, a device that can tie together space-time principles with optical sciences.

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