Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Influence of Time Dilation on our Satellites : about GPS , Gravitational influence , Measuring Time

The Influence of Time Dilation on our Satellites:

Like the GPS satellites around the other planets in our solar system must have varying levels of velocity and gravitational time dilation as they orbit closer and further from the sun, is there an equation? How is time on Mars different than on Earth? Mars’ own gravity is also less than Earth’s, has the Curiosity rover given us any information on these questions?

The answer to them all is a resounding yes, except the Curiosity rover…

However, I felt that we should get a few things right. We tend to want to compare things relative to what we are familiar with. This means that we compare the GPS satellites against clocks on Earth. Because these GPS satellites will be orbiting the Earth, the gravitational influences of the Sun will as good as cancel out. Or, to shorten it, the GPS satellites’ operation require relativistic corrections from the General Theory of Relativity (GR) from Earth’s gravitational effects, and the corrections from high velocity due to the glorified Special Theory of Relativity (SR). Of course, those guys calculating from GR will not bother with calculating the correction from SR again, because GR includes SR.

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