This animation explains how life works better than any biology class
If you're anything like me, you slept through biology class in high school and figured you could become a full-fledged adult without it. And you were right! But if you're like me, you're still curious about how this thing we called life works. This Ted-Ed animation video by pew 36 explains it better than any biology class ever because it brings it down to a level all slackers understand: robot factories and operating systems. I want to take biology all over again.

Humans, octopi and pine trees alike are all made up of cells, tiny but sophisticated systems that keep life going. Cells are almost like tiny factories run by robots, with the nucleus, DNA, proteins, lipids, and vitamins and minerals all playing critical roles. George Zaidan and Charles Morton lay out the blueprint of a cell and explain how biochemistry binds all life together.