Friday, 22 November 2013

Wonders of Science Week 15-22 Nov 2013...Brings you excited discoveries & News of Science

More-realistic 3D imaging technique speeds up production of movie images, modeling human organs

Faster, cheaper biofuel production

Kano: a computer anyone can make

3D-printing multi-material objects in minutes instead of hours

Carnegie Mellon computer searches web 24/7 to analyze images and teach itself common sense

World’s smallest FM radio transmitter

Using a CT scan and 3D printer to recreate a fossil

Chaotic physics in ferroelectric materials may allow for brain-like computing

Detecting and zapping Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s with lasers

Biomaterial-delivered chemotherapy could effectively treat brain tumors

Printing computer displays and solar cells

Nanomagnets may replace silicon-based transistors in computers, say UC Berkeley researchers

Quantum world record smashed

Bacteria incorporate pieces of old DNA in their own genome, scientists discover

First ‘mini-kidney’ structures from human stem cells generated by Salk scientists

New hologram technology created by nanoantennas on a ‘metasurface’

A precise new quantitative brain-scan measurement method

Engineered glowing worms detect neural effects of drugs

A durable, low-cost water splitter made of silicon and nickel

New video series aims to popularize transhumanism; Kickstarter launched

New Fox science-fiction show Almost Human features androids

Scientists create single-atom bit, smallest memory in the world